KID FLYSDay 10: I hope this was a refreshing experience for you. Whatever you’re reading this on, I want you to know that you’re in control. Never let anyone control your path but map your own journey. Risk wisely at all cost. It is a scary journey but in the end can bring upon great success. Leap off into the unknown and find what you do know.



Day 9: There are so many things that we fear in life. From the fearfulness of the future, the next career, or even a relationship. All those and more can be overcome through one simple decision. So close your eyes and let go of the fear inside. Trust and pray and risk boldly in life. Do not grip to the deception of society. But overcome the obstacles and aim higher and conquer your greatest fears.


Day 8: Like many people in society we all fear of being nothing but average. The greatest escape from that is by taking risk. Do things that you never have, life is short so why waste it. We all dream of greatness but there is only a few who will fight for what they want in this life. Take a chance and show those around you how much you enjoy life. Never fall short of glory in this life but redefine it.


Day 7: Changing the way you see the world is not always so easy. Similar to growing into your own skin. So why not get out of your comfort zone and expand the decisions you make. Strategic risk helps to build confidence. Risk includes many embarrassing moments in life. Whether its climbing Mount Everest or asking someone on a date, there is a fear that is coiled inside. Yet through practice and persistence you will grow all around as person.


Day 6: As you step into the idea of risk the gateways of opportunities open. Through taking risk you can discover what you’re passionate about. From being able to get a new house or achieving a lifelong dream. So step out of your comfort zone and embrace what life has to offer. Grow and flourish as a person & take a leap of faith.


Day 5: I’m sure we all have had to end a unhealthy relationship or change career paths. When making such a huge decision always research the possible options. Never leap without looking down below. Communicate with others who have been in your shoes before and see how they have handled the situation. Personally I am a very calculated person & analyze the difficulties ahead and delegate the best decision for myself. So that is what I implore you to do as well. Look further down the path of your life and see if the decisions being made is the right ones.