Day 5: I’m sure we all have had to end a unhealthy relationship or change career paths. When making such a huge decision always research the possible options. Never leap without looking down below. Communicate with others who have been in your shoes before and see how they have handled the situation. Personally I am a very calculated person & analyze the difficulties ahead and delegate the best decision for myself. So that is what I implore you to do as well. Look further down the path of your life and see if the decisions being made is the right ones.


One thought on “THE RESEARCH

  1. This is great advice. I agree that making important decisions requires you to do research and get informed in order to determine what is best for you and your big picture goals. In regards to learning from the mistakes of others I also agree with that statement. There is a lot we can learn from not only our experiences but the experiences of others. Thanks for sharing Matthew, great article!

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