KID FLYSDay 10: I hope this was a refreshing experience for you. Whatever you’re reading this on, I want you to know that you’re in control. Never let anyone control your path but map your own journey. Risk wisely at all cost. It is a scary journey but in the end can bring upon great success. Leap off into the unknown and find what you do know.


2 thoughts on “THE KNOWN

  1. This is the epitome of my daughters thoughts. She will be leaving across country to pursue her Ph. D. Away from family and everything that is close to her to explore the unknown. Scary but brave. I commend her for this.

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  2. You make the statement “Never let anyone control your path” “Map your own journey” Words to truly live by! The unfortunate thing is that many teens and adults alike never step off the path for fear of what others will think. The great artists and leaders of history only became great because they chose to challenge the status quo.

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