Day 3: Today as we rise from are beds we take a risk. Simple things in life can be a risk. The odds of success are many times a 50-50 shot. When we decide to take a chance we are exposed to the probabilities of pain and failure. Life is a delicate thing that can be shattered in an instant. Gambling are lives, risking are futures, and living life to the fullest. Those are the unquenchable feelings many of you must attain. Be cautious, be careful, but take chances.



Day 2: Fear many times seeps in when we can not see the future ahead of us. Holding us back from dreams we reach for. Living a life of fear is not living at all. I remember feeling like it would just be better to hide away and not take chances, in fear of failing. Yet what I learned is that we can not let others control how we live, but rise from their judgments and shape ourselves. When it comes to the many types of risk, there are mainly two. Some people only take very calculated risk. But when possible may not even take a chance at all. However this lifestyle can lead to a life that is dull and complacent. And on the other side of the spectrum there are those who risk effortlessly. Through taking that risk they feel alive. Although taking risk with little caution can lead to crushed dreams.


FOGDay 1: In everyone’s life we are faced with hurdles that involve risk. Those being, getting a new job, moving schools, ending a relationship, or getting married. As scary as many of those sound, it takes a bold and determined person to fulfill those goals. Taking those first steps may be the scariest and most gut wrenching experiences, yet through those experiences one can find an inner self worth. Taking risk, by nature, is terrifying to many. You are walking into the unknown. There may be times when you feel like you may mess up a relationship or lose something you care deeply for. Risk is something not many of us choose to do. Many times we would rather hide in are bubbles of life & risk in are comfort zones. You may lose it all but isn’t holding back the biggest risk of all?